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Germ-X Hand Sanitizer

Eliminate bacteria and viruses on your skin with this Germ-X original hand sanitizer.Keep hands clean and healthy with this hand sanitizer. The formula contains vitamin E to moisturize your skin, and the powerful antibacterial gel kills up to 99.9 percent of germs without requiring soap and water. This Germ-X hand sanitizer comes in an 8-ounce pump bottle for convenient dispensing.
Liquid sanitizer is a great alternative when soap and water are unavailable
Unscented to cause less irritation to sensitive skin
Compact 8 oz. pump bottle is ideal for small spaces and vehicles
Liquid sanitizer is designed to keep you germ-free without sacrificing everyday personal comfort
Effective, quick, and convenient way to kill germs on hands
Ethanol formula evaporates quickly, making it useful for just about anywhere, especially for healthcare, and food service environments.

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